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Restorative Art and Cosmetics


Being embalmers, we have all come across autopsied bodies at some stage. This in fact, is your first and basic training on reconstruction. Reconstruction is a more ‘practical’  and aesthetic procedure more than anything else. But the value it contributes to the final presentation or laying out of the deceased, especially in traumatic cases where it is often required, is beyond compare.

Restorative art today is the process of reconstructing or restoration, especially facial and cranial features, of bodies that are distorted from its normal appearance resulting from a traumatic event or invasive illness in order to present the deceased in an acceptable and recognisable appearance.

This course will bring you through the important theories and techniques of facial and bodily reconstruction and restoration. The use of various chemicals, materials and instruments will be examined in relation to the preparation of the deceased for the final laying out of the remains. You will also be provided with the most practical tips to consider when planning out an approach in each reconstructive work. Choosing your cosmetics and application techniques will also be part of the workshop.


Course Candidates

Ideally, any candidate should be already working in a mortuary set up or hold a qualification in Embalming practice.

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