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Embalming Course


” To share the knowledge and skills for the benefit of those who cannot speak for themselves.”


The Irish College of Funeral Directing and Embalming (ICFDE) is a private knowledge and skills provider. The school is dedicated to providing skills and knowledge in the fields of embalming and funeral directing. The course is designed to equip the learners with the core knowledge and practical skills essential to the practice of Modern Embalming or Hygienic Treatment.

The school has been offering training in Modern Embalming/Hygienic Treatment since 1995. David McGowan, ICFDE Founder and Tutor had been teaching practicing embalmers and new students from all over Ireland. David has also taught embalmers outside Ireland and other parts of Europe the modern and scientific way of embalming. He has also presented several educational seminars in America that was accredited by the National Board. The Professional Embalmers’ Association of Ireland (PEAI) recognizes the course delivered by the ICFDE. The final theory and practical exams are set and corrected by an external examinations board- Deathcare Academy Examinations Board of Mortuary Science (DCAEBMS).



Learning Outcomes

What is a  Learning Outcome?

A learning outcome is a statement of what the learner is expected to know, understand or be able to do on successful completion of the programme.

Learning outcomes may be in form of knowledge, skills, attitudes and habits of mind that students take with them from a learning experience.

The students are provided with a set of learning outcomes to guide them through the entire learning process. These learning outcomes are direct and simple.



Module I – Introduction to Embalming

Module II – Anatomy and Physiology

Module III – Embalming Theory

Module IV – Embalming Practice



We have been teaching students from a vast range of backgrounds. We have adopted a flexible and personal mode of delivery of the course that will accommodate anyone from any background. The total amount of time to complete the course may vary depending on the amount of time being put in by the student. Ideally, the theory part of the course can be completed in 12 months and another 6 months can be allocated towards the practical instructions.

Student-Centered Learning (Diagram)


Entry Requirements

In Ireland, embalming practice is NOT regulated, meaning you do not need to do any course or hold a certification specific to Embalming Skills/Training in order to start working as an embalmer.

Ideally, the applicant should have completed the Leaving Certificate or an equivalent qualification. A background in Anatomy and Physiology would be an advantage. Previous experience working in a mortuary set-up is also an advantage but not required.

All interested students must sit in the Introductory Course (no fee) conducted during the Open Day and must see at least two (2) embalming procedures prior to registration to the course.


Assessment Procedure

The tutor provides continuous assessments of the students and provides feedback. It is usually done at every end of each module or every end of the units in the case of longer modules.

Final assessments are provided by external examiners – Deathcare Academy Examinations Board of Mortuary Science (DCAEBMS).

Final Theory Examination

Upon successful completion of all the Modules, the student will be put forward by the Course Provider to sit the Final Theory exam which is set and corrected by an approved examiner from the DCAEBMS.

Objective Structured Practical Examiantion (OSPE)

Upon successful completion of the Final Theory Exam and completion of the minimum case requirements set by the Exam Board, the student (with the approval of the Course Provider) may apply for the OSPE.



The course is approved by the Deathcare Academy Examinations Board of Mortuary Science (DCEBMS) and the Professional Embalmers’ Association of Ireland (PEAI).

Upon successful completion of the Final Theory and OSPE set by the Examinations Board, students will be entitled to apply for Full Membership of the PEAI (


We offer a Free Introduction Course to Embalming during our open day. For details please contact us for more information.
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