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Advanced Certificate in Mortuary Cosmetology


The final presentation or the laying out of the deceased is normally the stage at which the deceased is being reintroduced to the family where the issue of the finality of death is, again, being laid out to the bereaved where one can hopefully accept and later resolve.

After the initial knowledge or announcement of a person’s death- family, friends and relatives consciously or unconsciously form an image in their minds concerning the state or appearance of the deceased. The pictures that appear in people’s minds are usually recollections of past memories that had left a strong imprint in the subconscious mind. Although a lot of times people choose to block off negative memories and only choose to relive the good ones. Whether it be a strong negative image due to a recent traumatic encounter or event or a pleasant image of the deceased, the expectation from the bereaved cannot be neglected since it offers a strong influence in the acceptance of a death or loss of a loved-one.

The final image of the deceased is crucial to give closure and begin the healing process, allowing the bereaved to go through the different tasks of grieving. Application of mortuary cosmetics is not aimed to mask the visual signs of death but instead it is purposed to complement the result of an embalming procedure in order to recreate the ‘normal’ image of the deceased (e.g. hairstyle, make-up, hair colour, etc.) that most people would be familiar of.


Who Should Study the Course

This course is ideal for anybody wishing to work or assist in a funeral service set up, especially embalmers and funeral directors. Ideally, a student should have previous experience in embalming or funeral directing.


Course Contents

This seminar-workshop contains practical tips in the selection, application and maintenance of mortuary make-up and equipment. The course also touches on colour and make-up application theory which also involves lighting requirements and general and specific factors to be considered. Hair styling techniques and presentation of hands and nails will also form part of the workshop. For full course contents please contact us here.


Our Lecturers

The presenters and developers of this course are experts in the Care and Presentation of the Deceased and hold a Degree in Make-up Artistry.

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