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DCA Examinations Board Reflects Standards

The demand to uphold standards and to bring about regulation in the embalming industry in Ireland is ever increasing with the continual growth of people expressing interest in the education and practice and the eminent need of self-taught embalmers, who have been practicing for several years and are ‘experts’ in their own right, to be brought into the professional organisation. With the consensus of the core professional embalming body in Ireland and expert advice from the educational leaders around Europe and America, the Death Care Academy Examinations Board of Mortuary Science (DCAEBMS) is formed. The Examinations Board has been working hard in putting together a system that is efficient, consistent and fair which is reflected in the assessment criteria and strategy of the examinations. The criteria and protocols of the Examinations Board revolve around the standards of the Professional Embalmers’ Association of Ireland and the European Association of Embalmers. The Examinations Board is operating only within its remits but is not limited to particular organisations or course providers. Applications for subscription of services from professional organisations and course providers are welcome so long it does not deviate from the standards and expertise of the Examinations Board. This year DCAEBMS has conducted two sets of Final Theoretical Examinations for the students of The Irish College of Funeral Directing and Embalming, Ballina, Co. Mayo. Applications from students who have successfully passed the Final Theory Exam are now being accepted and lined up for the upcoming Objective Structured Practical Examination (OSPE).

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