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Safe Handling of Chemicals- Specific to Funeral Home Mortuary


This course is designed for anybody working in a funeral service  set up where one is more likely to encounter embalming chemicals and other chemical agents used in the mortuary and also in contact with the remains of the deceased.


The objective of the course is to equip the participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to assess the hazards presented by the use of chemicals in their workplace and to be able to identify the controls required. Practical training in risk assessment and managing or controlling risks and hazards and handling spills and leaks will also be provided.

Course Contents

  • Laws that apply to the funeral home mortuary and its implications.
  • Assessment of chemicals found in a mortuary set up and identifying associated hazards.
  • Sustainable use of mortuary chemicals
  • Practical skills training and demonstration on risk assessment, handling leaks and spills and PPE/RPE.


The course is delivered through a practical approach containing detailed presentations followed by individual work, group exercises and interactive discussions.

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